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Pat's Big Bad Birthday Bash 2015

by Bob Barry

Herb Alpert's Vibrato was all abuzz last wednesday evening celebrating the birthday of it's musical director and legendary bassist, Pat Senatore. Pat has had a long history with Herb Alpert, having been his bass player for the Tijuana Brass for the tenure of the group. Aside from his career in the music industry, Pat was a club owner himself. He owned "Pasquale's in Malibu, which was considered by many to have been the finest and only true Jazz Club in LA from 1978 to 1983.

Vibrato was teeming with musicians, some came to watch and some to perform but all to honor this great musician, band leader and jazz emprisario.

I wasn't able to stay the whole evening as I had a previous commitment but while I was there I was able to shoot several of the performances and I will post those images. The evening started with Pat's, Piano-less Quartet featuring trumpeter Steve Huffsteter, Sax man Chuck Manning, drummer Tina Raymond, and of course Pat Senatore on bass. That was followed by

Singer/Pianist John Prouix, backed by Putter Smith on bass, and drummer Matt Gordy. Next up was Iceland's gift to Jazz, singer Anna Mjoll, with Tom Ranier on piano. The last performer I saw was a tall, good looking, and impressive singer from Australia named Gregg Arthur, backed by pianist Tom Ranier, Tina Raymond once again on drums and Pat on bass.

I am sure the show went on for hours after I left, and I did miss the cake and the birthday song, so let me say it now, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Pat, Happy Birthday to you! BB