Pat Senatore Trio: Ascensione


by George W. Harris • October 2, 2014

ascensioneBecause I live in LA, I’ve probably seen bassist Pat Senatore more times in concert during my lifetime than any other bassist. He was the house bassist for his own club in Malibu during the 70s and 80s, and currently has been the part of the rhythm section for guests that drop in at the Bel Air club Vibrato where he manages as well. Not only that, but you’ve probably heard him a gazillion times yourselves, as he was a part of Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass that played major hits like “Lonely Bull” and “A Taste of Honey” so you’re no stranger to him as well.

This studio session with local studs Josh Nelson/p and Mark Ferber/dr comes off like a typical cozy night at the local jazz club. A tasty mixture of jazz standards and originals focuses on classy interplay, such as Ferber’s gently rollicking rolls on Michel Petrucciani’s “Sahara” or the lithe bop on “Con Alma” and “Minority.” Nelson’s piano work here shows why he’s the #1 call in town for supporting vocalists as he delivers melodic and subtle harmonic support on “Night Dreamer” and shows some wonderful lyricism on his own “A Change in the Wind.” And Senatore? You gotta be kidding? He’s the consummate gentleman, knowing when to deliver a subtle little solo are create a hip rivulet of a groove as on the hip “All The Things You Are.” This album makes you want to hire them next time you feel like singing for your friends or pulling out your sax and blowing for your next get together.

As Sonny Rollins once said, “Albums are an invitation to your concerts.” Consider this one as a tweet to head out to Vibrato’s.

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