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Pat Senatore, who was the bassist of famous Stan Kenton Big Band in 1960’s and operated Pasquale’s jazz club in Malibu, has been playing regularly in LA., most recently at Vibrato Grill Jazz, where he is the Artistic Director.  He released a new album of his own on Fresh Sound Records. He plays with two rising stars: Josh Nelson and Mark Ferber. Pat’s bass sound is warm and stable and he swings the trio so hard. His bass matches the brilliant young musicians, especially with Nelson, who played with Sara Gazarek and Natalie Cole. This album contains nine songs, including Michel Petruciani’s two songs “Sahara” and “The Prayer”, and a Senatore’s composition “Ascension”, which sounds so beautiful and elegant.

Kazune Hayata, Jazz Life (Japanese Jazz Magazine)

Martini in the Morning

This interview with Brad “Martini” Chambers took place at 9:30 a.m. on February 25, 2014, a time I’m usually into my second dream sequence of the previous night.  I’m surprised I was coherent but it was easy with Brad.  We just conversed and I’ve had so many experiences in my career that we could have talked for hours more and not even scratched the surface.

Even though he played the complete songs from my album, they are not available on this recording because of copyright laws.

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